10 Fun Facts and Photos of Pygmy Owls Exclusive Interview With World Record Holder Jennifer Pharr Davis Fall Is Near! See Which Parks Are The Best For Viewing Fall Foliage. This Is The Outdoor Pan You Don’t Want To Be Without Top 5 Outdoor Water Bottle Filters & Purifiers

6 Ways You Can Support National Parks

The trees may not need your help to grow, but maintaining roadways for visitors, preserving ecosystems and protecting historical sites come with a price. If you love the outdoors are […]

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Countrywide Guide to Springtime Blooms

Springtime is here! If you’re ready to come out of hibernation and visit some parks, you’re in for a treat. Flowers are starting to bloom all across the country, from […]

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Everyday Natural Products for Park Visitors

The yearly camping trip can demand shopping for new gear like tents, cooking gear and the occasional splurging on seasonal outdoor wear. But what products are your go-to for the […]

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Workout Outdoors ParkVisitor

5 Reasons to Workout in Public Parks

The new year has arrived! It’s time for making plans, fresh starts and new experiences. For those wanting to make a change for the better, resolutions tend to include steps […]

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Trendy Natural Foods for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Before you head out for a hike, are you reaching for more natural foods snacks like trail mix and nut bars rather than salty chips or big brand chocolate? You’re […]

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You could get lost in this winter wonderland. Photo by Deanna Keahey.

Must Visit Winter Camping Sites in America’s Backyard

1. Joshua Tree National Park California is known for its year-long sunny weather, but it usually does get its dose of snow for a few short weeks. Joshua Tree is […]

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Photo by Rick McCharles

7 Ways to Visit Parks Responsibly

Summer season is here! We hope that means you’ll be making more visits to your local, state and national parks. With higher visitation numbers comes more impact to park resources, so […]

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California State Beaches: More than Sand and Water

These California state beaches offer more than sand and water. Read on to discover some events lined up for the coming weeks, special wildlife happenings and sights you won’t want […]

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Cause At The Core: Dove Edition

At Park Visitor, its important to highlight brands that are working hard to make a positive impact on people and on our planet. Join us in celebrating successful companies that […]

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Fun Things to Do at Parks with Kids

Photo by Pabak Sarkar Looking to get more out of your family trips to parks and fresh ideas? The traditional hiking, swimming and camping activities are always fun, but we […]

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