ParkVisitor would like to highlight the dedicated support of GEICO, a leader in insurance coverage for outdoor enthusiasts and a State Parks supporter for over four years! As outdoor users travel from one State Park to the next GEICO is there to cover an entire range of outdoor vehicles: motorcycles, ATV’s, personal watercrafts, boats, and RV’s allowing users to enjoy their recreation time in all types of park settings. GEICO represents the spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts from the occasional weekend travelers to the seasoned nature experts with specialized policies to help you hit the road.


GEICO provides many programs to nature lovers throughout the US.  They have supplied over 1.5 million custom RV/Camping guides in select key states. They also support wildlife preservation and environmental conservation through educational exhibits for children in Zoos and Aquariums across the nation. GEICO protects nature at their HQ as well providing their employees with recycling and energy saving programs to reduce their ecological footprint and with 16 million vehicles insured that could be a tremendous footprint.


Thanks, GEICO for your partnership!