River at Sam A. Baker State ParkLiving in the city you get used to noise…cars, sirens, horns honking, dogs barking, brakes squealing, but it is rare that you hear nature.


I was in Missouri visiting a number of number state parks and our journey brought us to Sam A Baker State Park for a night. We got there after dinner, so it was already dark and quiet.  The cabin we were staying in was warm and inviting after a long day of driving. After a nice hot shower I went out to sit on the front porch and relax.  Assuming I would be greeted by the silence of the night, I was delighted to be serenaded by the loudest crickets I have ever heard. I had to try and capture the concert and grabbed my phone to take a video. The video I took does not do them justice, but I hope you can take a moment from your busy day, close your eyes and listen. Listen as the crickets serenade you.  The black of the video is the black of night when you are out in the woods with no lights.


Maybe this weekend try and find a moment where you can stop and hear the sound of nature.