Use the buddy system when surfing!

It’s summer time and the waves are calling.  Before you paddle out to catch the perfect wave take a moment to get some advice from the World Longboard Champion, Taylor Jensen.

1. Make sure you know the area before you go! Check for hazards like the type of swell, tides, and rocks so you can surf safely. Also, talk to the lifeguards on duty so they can give you tips about the spot.

2. Sharks are not some major danger, and they aren’t out to get you. The chance of seeing one, letting alone being attacked by one, is slim to none.

3. Use the buddy system at all times. No matter how good of a surfer or swimmer you are, having a friend keep an eye on you, and vice-versa, will make your time in the waves much safer.

4. Start with a longboard when learning how to surf. Even if you want to be Kelly Slater, a longboard allows you to get up quicker, catch more waves and have more fun.

Please remember to be safe when heading to the beach this summer!