Blue paint on the trees? That means they’re coming out.

On your next visit to Silver Falls State Park, there is a possibility you will see trees marked with blue paint and you may wonder why. The trees are marked for removal so the remaining trees can grow into healthy and mature stands that can resist disease and remain strong in extreme weather.

The park staff is now marking trees that will be removed this winter. About 50 acres of dense, Douglas-fir stands will be thinned near the South Falls day-use area. About 70 years ago the trees were planted too close together and are now crowded, weak and even more vulnerable to storm damage and bark beetle infestations.

If you would like to learn more, park rangers will be leading weekly-guided hikes through the area to indicate why the trees need to be removed. Check the event calendar for dates and times.

Everything should be completed by Spring 2013. Any revenue from timber sales will directly go to natural resource projects in the parks.

Silver Falls State Park (park info, driving directions and map)

The thinning project will remove selected trees within the brown areas. The removal of timber will make room for a healthy, vigorous renewal of the remaining trees.