#1 Do NOT let your dog roam free while camping. We know its hard to say no to that face…

White and gray dog running in grass with mouth wide open.

Photo by Sheila Sund



BUT it’s better than your dog being eaten for breakfast. Protect your dog from wildlife….

Close up of a giant bear in grass sticking his tongue out

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar



AND protect wildlife from your dog, by keeping your dog on a harness and leash.



#2 Pick up this handy LED leash to make nighttime bathroom breaks a breeze.

Guy walking a dog at night with an LED leash

Photo by Wicker Paradise



#3 Have your dog help carry some of the load with one of these handy Mountainsmith Dog Packs (Check out our gear review here). It’s a fun adventure for him too– you shouldn’t have to do all the work…

Dog wearing a camping pack in the grass

Photo by Todd Dwyer



BUT don’t load him up with all your belongings. He’s not a mule. You’re doing it wrong.

Big dog carrying a wide array of objects in a pack

Photo by Alex Handy



#4 Maybe you own some kind of super dog, who can entertain himself for hours on end…



For those that own a (slightly) less talented dog, give the Chuck-It launcher a try. It’s certainly safer than this Dog-e-Launcher:



#5 Sure, giving Pooch a sip of your water bottle is sort of endearing. But it’s mostly just gross. Try the Ollybottle with detachable bowl on your next outdoor adventure.

Small dog takes a sip out of a normal water bottle

Photo by Christian Reusch



#6 If you like to have your hands free for important tasks such as steering, give this belt-leash a whirl.

Person riding bike on sidewalk with dog on a leash

Photo by Secret Pilgrim



#7 Lastly, if you want to stay at a popular campsite…

Large crowd of people at a very crowded campsite

Photo by dogrando



…and your dog is a howler, consider staying elsewhere. OR try the Dog Silencer Pro to minimize the barking.

Small dog howling directly at the camera

Photo by Aine D