Park Visitors may love nature and outdoor activities, but some of us are in it for the wildlife sightings! Check out some amazing wildlife sightings across public parks in California captured by the lucky photographers who were able to spot them in person!

1. Elk in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Elk at Prairie Creek Redwoods

Photo Credit: / Ka!zen

This elk against a backdrop of pine trees in the middle of Prairie Creek encapsulates the word “majestic” don’t you think?

2. Sea Slug at Point Dume State Park, Malibu, California


Photo Credit: Matt Kieffer

Have you ever seen one of these? Not only did lucky Matt Kieffer get to see this sea slug up close and personal, but he had his camera handy for this picture perfect moment!

3. Cucumber Beetle at Eastshore State Park, Albany, California

Cucumber Beetle Park Visitor

Photo Credit: Jack Wolf

Sometimes we have to look close to see all the life hidden in America’s parks. This cucumber beetle could have easily camouflaged right in with the yellow flowers but lucky Mr. Wolf is at the top of his wildlife watching game.

4. Heron Ducking at Sonoma Coast State Park


Photo Credit: Lisa Williams

Mr. Ducking is ready for his close up!

5. “Wild Burros” at Picacho State Park


Photo Credit: Rylee Isitt

Take a few seconds to take in how beautiful these wild donkeys look even in a photo on your screen. Can you imagine how much more mesmerizing seeing them in person at Picacho State Park may have been for the lucky photographer?

6. Bobcat at Montaña de Oro State Park


Photo Credit: Linda Tanner

Lucky for us, Ms. Tanner is a pro with the camera, and we get to see this amazing photo up close on our screens and not in person. Safety first!

7. Bobcat in Yosemite National Park


Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe

This lucky sighting in Yosemite captures everything we love about natural open spaces- tall trees, colored leaves and unexpected encounters with wild animals.

8. Coyote at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park


Photo Credit: jerseygal2009

This coyote sighting was captured at Sugarloaf out in the open. Keep your eyes open!

9. Banana Slug at Redwood National and State Parks


Photo Credit: Clinton Steeds

Walking around outdoors can keep up looking up but here’s a little reminder to look down below. This yellow banana slug was hanging out on the floor of Redwood National and State Parks waiting to be noticed.

10. Deer at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park


Photo Credit: jerseygal2009

Don’t you wish you were there to see this deer cross a state park road so elegantly?

11. Honeybee at Eastshore State Park


Photo Credit: Jack Wolf

It’s not hard to spot a bee, but hanging out on a wildflower posing for a picture this good? We’d say this photographer is pretty lucky too!

Have you been lucky enough to snap a photo of wildlife at any national state parks? We’d love to see your photos!

12. A sleeping bull elephant seal at Ano Nuevo State Park


Photo Credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

Seals need nap time too!

13. Burrowing Owl at California’s Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park

Is that you, Peety?


Photo Credit: Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith

By the way, Mr. Peety Owl wants to remind you all that although wildlife watching is a favorite ParkVisitor park activity, please appreciate wildlife from a safe and respectful distance, abiding by all Fish & Wildlife laws& Park rules. Cameras make great tools for up close view so bring them along to get a closer look while keeping a good distance. Have any photos of wildlife spottings to share? Share them with us on Park Visitor’s Facebook!