The yearly camping trip can demand shopping for new gear like tents, cooking gear and the occasional splurging on seasonal outdoor wear. But what products are your go-to for the local beach getaway or weekend hike? It’s easy to forget that the less glamorous park visits also require some handy items to make the experience much more enjoyable. Opting for more natural products will also help be kinder to our planet like our parks.

Here are some of our favorite everyday park visitor products

A sturdy water bottle


Because hydration is key! You’ll find BPA free water bottles everywhere today (thank goodness!), but for the outdoor enthusiast, a few extra features can go a long way. Every once in a while, a good hike will demand both your hands to be free, so you want a spill free water bottle like this one that can latch onto your bag. Plus, this specific model promises to keep your dirk cool for up to 18 hours so your drink is always refreshing. Contigo also offers lifetime guarantee so you’re covered if it stops working.


Regardless of where on the planet you live, sunscreen should be one of your key skin regimen products. It protects against skin damage,  premature aging, and some products may even help your skin feel healthier. Now, it’s hard enough to find a sunscreen product that won’t sweat off, not mention one that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.


Juice Beauty Sport Sunscreen SPF 30  is a no chemical certified organic sunscreen that feeds the skin essential vitamins. It is made for the active person and lasts upto 80 minutes. With natural ingredients like organic aloe juice, organic apple juice, and organic coconut oil, you’ll also enjoy the citrusy scent it gives off.

For active mommies, there are organic sunscreen options for babies too so your whole family can be protected.

Hand Sanitizer


Naturally, you’ll want to protect against bacteria and germs during trips away from home, but don’t reach for the harsh sanitizer at the check-out aisle. Instead, pick up a sanitizer made with essential oils and extracts like Everyone™ Coconut & Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray. It is formulated without any harsh chemicals and comes in a TSA approved bottle so you can carry it with you on trips to the park or trips abroad.




Hikers, runners, and bikers, this is your deodorant. The natural deodorant that smells good, doesn’t peel, and actually works. LAVANILA Sport Luxe Deodorant was “created for life in motion” keeping you dry and odor free while you explore the outdoors. It’s sulfate free, paraben free, formaldehyde free, and doesn’t contain aluminum or harsh chemicals.