Springtime is here! If you’re ready to come out of hibernation and visit some parks, you’re in for a treat. Flowers are starting to bloom all across the country, from flowers in wild patches of land to blossoming flower trees. Here are some must see sights that are pure magic.

New York City- Central Park

“The Big Apple” is known for its fast paced city life, but right in the middle of it all you can find one of nature’s most spectacular sights. Central Park has a variety of trees including Magnolias and cherry blossom trees that light up the park with color. If you were planning to go to NY anytime soon, you have to make a stop and enjoy the scenery.

Central Park Flowering Trees

Photo by Shinya Suzuki

Illinois – Millenium Park in Chicago

Find your way to the Lurie Garden in Chicago’s Millennium Park to see this beautiful garden for yourself. Its 2.5 acres are covered in shrubs, grasses and colorful patches of wild flowers. Although many flowers were hand planted, the garden is designed to be eco friendly and provide an outdoor ambience against the skyline backdrop.


Photo by Hydrogen Ink

Eastern California, Death Valley National Park


Photo by Marc Cooper

Ironically, desserts are the perfect place to find some of the largest patches of land covered in wild flowers. California has seen some steady rain lately, so it possible that this spring season’s blooms will outshine those we’ve seen in the past couple of years at Death Valley National Park. Its flowers are annuals, so don’t sit on it! Once they’re gone, you’ll have to wait until next year!

Southern California, Joshua Tree National Park 


Photo by Robb Hannawacker

You can find flower beds blooming in high elevation sections of the park during March and April. To find flowers by type and location, check out this Joshua Tree wildflower report.

Washington- Seattle’s Volunteer Park 

Seattle’s Volunteer Park offers a museum and playground on site. On its 50 acres, there are more flowers and trees than you can see. If you walk on over toward the Conservatory, you’ll find neatly planted flower beds to decorate your walkways and brighten up your mood. If you’re limited on time, this is the park where you can get a lot done in little time because there’s so much to see! Keep an eye out for some of their most popular flowers, hydrangea and schizanthus.


Photo by TIA International Photography

San Francisco

To no surprise, this California city is covered in flowers all year long! However, you’ll spot different types of flowers according to the season. This spring, you can expect to see poppies, tulips, and azaleas to name a few.