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6 Ways You Can Support National Parks

The trees may not need your help to grow, but maintaining roadways for visitors, preserving ecosystems and protecting historical sites come with a price. If you love the outdoors are […]

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Workout Outdoors ParkVisitor

5 Reasons to Workout in Public Parks

The new year has arrived! It’s time for making plans, fresh starts and new experiences. For those wanting to make a change for the better, resolutions tend to include steps […]

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You could get lost in this winter wonderland. Photo by Deanna Keahey.

Must Visit Winter Camping Sites in America’s Backyard

1. Joshua Tree National Park California is known for its year-long sunny weather, but it usually does get its dose of snow for a few short weeks. Joshua Tree is […]

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Fun Things to Do at Parks with Kids

Photo by Pabak Sarkar Looking to get more out of your family trips to parks and fresh ideas? The traditional hiking, swimming and camping activities are always fun, but we […]

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Insider Tips on Traveling To A Beautiful Land: Argentina.

You may be asking:  Why Argentina?  Or even better, Why Tandil, Argentina.  Tandil is surrounded by 500 to 2000 foot “mountains” that are considered by geologists to be some of […]

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International Day for Biodiversity 2014

May 22nd, 2014 is International Day for Biodiversity (also known as World Biodiversity Day). International Day for Biodiversity was created by the UN General Assembly to celebrate the day the […]

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Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area – An Urban Oasis

Los Angeles has a misleading reputation of being smog-filled, crime-ridden and populated with smug, elitist Liberals.  Perhaps some of those are true but what is often forgotten is the city’s […]

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In Honor of John Muir and the JMT

                                            Earth Day is April 22nd but, perhaps, lesser […]

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National Parks Week 2014: Go Wild!

Today, April 19th marks the beginning of National Parks Week! National Parks Week will take place from April 19th – April 27th,2014. To start this wonderful event off with a […]

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National Parks Centennial 2016

The National Parks Centennial is approaching!  It is set to take place August 25th, 2016. To prepare for this unique event, John Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service, is […]

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