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Expert Hiker Jeff Hester Prepares You For Hiking The JMT

The John Muir Trail has been a destination for hikers around the world for close to a century.  The untouched wilderness stretches for over two hundred miles through the state […]

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Jennifer Pharr Davis stretches and takes in the view

Exclusive Interview With World Record Holder Jennifer Pharr Davis

Not many stories can measure up to the triumphant tale of Jennifer Pharr Davis’s overall record-holding 2,181 mile supported thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail. Davis’s second memoir “Called Again: A […]

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5 campfire techniques you NEED to know

5 campfire techniques you NEED to know:   For anyone who has gone camping or built a fire in their fireplace, you know that there is a distinct scent in […]

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Rat trap, bear trigger, or Zombie alarm system....well, whatever you decide.

Zombie Defense 101: Part 2 – George Washington & Thomas Jefferson National Forests

Welcome to ParkVisitor’s second installment of  the Zombie Defense 101 series (click here for Part 1). Jake Griebe , the founder of the School of Wilderness Medicine and Survival is our featured author […]

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Snare used for game, or as a defense mechanism for an "anti-zombie" perimeter

Zombie Defense 101: Part 1 – Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

ParkVisitor is pleased to present to you Part 1 of our Zombie Defense 101 series! Jake Griebe , the founder of the School of Wilderness Medicine and Survival is our […]

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California State Parks Interpreter and wildflower expert Jean Rhyne

Answers Bloom with Wildflower Expert Jean Rhyne

You know what they say, April Showers bring May flowers. Well get ready because now that spring has sprung it’s time to get outside and check out the wildflowers that […]

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Skimming Stones with Outdoors Experts Rob & Leo features two experts this week all the way from England. We would like to present to you the authors of Skimming Stones and Other Ways of Being in the […]

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Photo Credit - Scott Darsney - Lonely Planet Images

Survive and Thrive – Your Winter Outdoors Guide

Photo Credit – Scott Darsney – Lonely Planet Images So, if you haven’t heard… it’s cold outside (at least in most places)! To some people, that may mean taking a […]

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Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park - Big Sur, CA - By Daniel Peckham, Flickr

The Ultimate Park Visitor: Lucy D’Mot

The saddest news across California State Parks over the past year was the potential closure of 70 parks throughout the state, closing off acres of beautiful wilderness. ParkVisitor’s guest expert […]

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sl, bird dog pete and sharptail, Montana

How to Disconnect from Society in Nature, with Poet Laureate Sydney Lea

“Wordsmith” is the only word that can aptly describe’s expert for the week, Sydney Lea. As Poet Laureate of Vermont, Lea has written an uncountable number of books and […]

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