10 Fun Facts and Photos of Pygmy Owls Exclusive Interview With World Record Holder Jennifer Pharr Davis Fall Is Near! See Which Parks Are The Best For Viewing Fall Foliage. This Is The Outdoor Pan You Don’t Want To Be Without Top 5 Outdoor Water Bottle Filters & Purifiers

Allergy Symptoms Relieved with 5 Homeopathic Tips

Allergy symptoms can really be a thorn in one’s side especially for people who enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. With spring time comes an increase in pollen count, high […]

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National Parks Centennial 2016

The National Parks Centennial is approaching!  It is set to take place August 25th, 2016. To prepare for this unique event, John Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service, is […]

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05192013_AnnaGarrison_BlogPost_Bobinswamp_Leopard Lily

Ultimate Spring Wildflower Guide for California

There’s something about finishing a checklist that makes us feel complete. We’ve set a goal, worked hard to get there, and then accomplished it. So let us set up a […]

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Earth Hour 2014: Take Some Time to Change the World

When faced with the irrefutable evidence of climate change. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia made the decision to inspire and empower people by taking a stance of its own. […]

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Top 5 Best Parks to View the Night Sky For Star Gazing

There are a only a few places left in this country that we are still able to view the stars and other celestial bodies in their full majesty.  World Meteorological […]

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Top 5 Best National Parks to Visit on World Forestry Day

March 21, 2014 is World Forestry Day.  Established by the UN thirty years ago, World Forestry Day (also known as The International Day of Forests) seeks to bring attention to […]

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Mountain Hard Wear Soft Shell Jacket

What Basic Gear You Need For A Camping Trip

Gearing Up For Camping: Rain Jackets, Tents, Boots If you haven’t inventoried your camping/hiking gear lately, this is best time of year to do it in case you need to […]

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Best Snowy GIFs of the 2013-2014 Winter Season


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You could get lost in this winter wonderland. Photo by Deanna Keahey.

Best Christmas and New Year Activities at the Parks 2013

Best Christmas and New Year Activities at the Parks 2013 Are you ready for a very merry Christmas and a joyous New Year?? If not, it’s probably because you haven’t […]

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Highlining World Record Holder Jerry Miszewski balances on the 704 foot line above Consumnes River Gorge.

Exclusive Interview with World Record Holder Jerry Miszewski

Exclusive Interview with World Record Holder Jerry Miszewski Are you afraid of heights? Jerry Miszewksi is perhaps anything but. This world-traveling, world-famous, world-record-holding highliner can’t seem to get enough altitude. […]

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